Research in Plant Disease 2004;10(1):82-85.
Published online March 30, 2004.
칼슘비료 처리에 의한 배추 무름병 발생 억제
김병섭, 용영록
Suppression of Bacterial Soft Rot on Chinese Cabbage by Calcium Fertilizer Treatment
Byung Sup Kim, Young Rog Yeoung
Bacterial soft rot by Erwinia carotovora subsp. carotovora is one of the diseases causing the biggest damages in Chinese cabbage cultivation. This study was conducted to evaluate on suppressive effect of calcium fertilizer to bacterial soft rot of Chinese cabbage. Seven calcium fertilizers were selected for evaluation. And screening was conducted to select effective agents for controlling bacterial soft rot. When applied by the nursery test condition using mineral oil inoculation method with Chinese cabbage, calcium hydroxide had more suppressive efficacy than any other calcium fertilizer. While nitrogen fertilizer was induced the disease, calcium hydroxide was suppressed soft rot disease in field test as well as seedling test. Treatment of calcium+nitrogen fertilizer as well as calcium only showed a significant control effect in the field experiment with Chinese cabbage ``Sanchon`` in 2003.
Key Words: Calcium fertilizer, Chinese cabage, Erwinia carotovora subsp. carotovora

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