Research in Plant Disease 2005;11(1):48-55.
Published online June 30, 2005.
Nested PCR 기법을 이용한 인삼 뿌리썩음병원균의 특이적 검출
장창순, 이정주, 김선익, 송정영, 유성준, 김홍기
Specific Detection of Root Rot Pathogen, Cylindrocarpon destructans, Using Nested PCR from Ginseng Seedlings
Chang Soon Jang, Jung Ju Lee, Sun Ick Kim, Jeong Young Song, Sung Joon Yoo, Hong Gi Kim
Cylindrocarpon destructans is a soil-borne plant pathogenic fungus causing root rot on ginseng and trees. Rapid and exact detection of this pathogen was practiced on ginseng seedlings by nested PCR using speciesspecific primer set. The second round of PCR amplification by Dest 1 and Dest 4 primer set formed 400 bp of species-specific fragment of C. destructans from the product of first round of amplification by ITS 1 and ITS 4 primer set. In the PCR sensitivity test based on DNA density, nested PCR detected to the limit of one fg and it meant the nested PCR could detect up to a few spores of C. destructans. Also, nested PCR made it possible to detect the pathogen from ginseng seedlings infected by replantation on artificial infested soil. Our nested PCR results using species-specific primer set could be utilized for diagnosis of root rot disease in ginseng cultivation.
Key Words: Cylindrocarpon destructans, Diagnosis, Ginseng, Nested PCR, Root rot

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