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Research in Plant Disease 2021;27(3):91-98.
DOI:    Published online September 30, 2021.
Current Status and Future Prospects of White Root Rot Management in Pear Orchards: A Review
Shailesh S. Sawant, Eu Ddeum Choi, Janghoon Song, Ho-Jin Seo
Pear Research Institute, National Institute of Horticultural & Herbal Science, Naju 58216, Korea
Correspondence:  Ho-Jin Seo, Tel: +82-61-330-1562, Fax: +82-61-330-1533, 
Received: July 17, 2021   Revised: August 14, 2021   Accepted: August 31, 2021
*Shailesh S. Sawant and Eu Ddeum Choi contributed equally to this study as co-first authors.
The current social demand for organic, sustainable, and eco-friendly approaches for farming, while ensuring the health and productivity of crops is increasing rapidly. Biocontrol agents are applied to crops to ensure biological control of plant pathogens. Research on the biological control of white root rot disease caused by a soil-borne pathogen, Rosellinia necatrix, is limited in pears compared to that in apple and avocado. This pathogenic fungus has an extensive host range, and symptoms of this disease include rotting of roots, yellowing and falling of leaves, wilting, and finally tree death. The severity of the disease caused by R. necatrix , makes it the most harmful fungal pathogen infecting the economical fruit tree species, such as pears, and is one of the main limiting factors in pear farming, with devastating effects on plant health and yield. In addition to agronomic and cultural practices, growers use chemical treatments to control the disease. However, rising public concern about environmental pollution and harmful effects of chemicals in humans and animals has facilitated the search for novel and environmentally friendly disease control methods. This review will briefly summarize the current status of biocontrol agents, ecofriendly methods, and possible approaches to control disease in pear orchards.
Key Words: Biocontrol, Pear orchards, Soil borne disease, Rosellinia necatrix, Virocontrol

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