Research in Plant Disease 2013;19(4):294-299.
Published online December 30, 2013.
새로운 채소류의 고구마뿌리혹선충과 땅콩뿌리혹선충에 대한 저항성
김동근 ( Dong Geun Kim ) , 류영현 ( Young Hyun Ryu ) , 허창석 ( Chang Seok Huh ) , 이윤수 ( Youn Su Lee )
Resistance of Newly Introduced Vegetables to Meloidogyne arenaria and M. incognita in Korea
Donggeun Kim1*, Younghyun Ryu1, Changseok Huh1 and Younsu Lee2
1Organic Agriculture Research Institute, Uiseong 769-803, Korea
2Department of Applied Plant Science, Kangwon National University, Chuncheon 200-701, Korea
Received: April 18, 2013   Revised: September 24, 2013   Accepted: November 06, 2013
To select resistant vegetables against two species of root-knot nematodes, M. incognita and M. arenaria, 39 vegetables belongs to 7 families, 13 genera, 25 species were screened in greenhouse pot test. Susceptible vegetables to both nematodes were amarath and leaf beet in Amaranthaceae, Malabar spinach in Basellaceae, Moroheiya in Tiliaceae, and Water-convolvulus in Convolvulaceae, Pak-choi in Brassica campestris var. chinensis, Tah tasai in B. campestris var. narinosa, B. campestris var. chinensis x narinosa, Leaf mustard, Mustard green in B. juncea, Kyona in B. juncea var. laciniate, Choy sum in B. rapa subsp. arachinenesis, Kairan in B. oleracea var. alboglabra, Arugula in Eruca sativa, Garland chrysanthemum in Chrysanthemum coronarium, Endive in Cichorium endivia, Artichoke in Cynara cardunculus var. scolymus, Lettuce in Lactuca sativa. Resistant to M. arenaria but susceptible to M. incognita were B. oleracea cv. Matjjang kale, B. oleracea var. gongyloides cv. Jeok kohlrabi, and C. intybus cv. Radicchio. Resistant vegetables to both nematodes were C. intybus cv. Sugar loaf, Grumoro, Radichio treviso, B. oleracea cv. Manchu collard, Super matjjang, B. oleracea italica, B. oleracea var. botrytis italiana, and Perilla in Lamiaceae. Vegetables resistant to both species of root-knot nematodes could be used as high-valued rotation crops in greenhouses where root-knot nematodes are problem.
Key Words: Brassica, Cichorium, Lamiaceae, Meloidogyne, Resistance, Root-knot nematode, Vegetables

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