Research in Plant Disease 2012;18(4):376-380.
Published online December 30, 2012.
국내 소나무재선충에서 분리한 세균의 특성
서상태 ( Sang Tae Seo ) , 문일성 ( Yil Seong Moon )
Characterization of Bacteria Isolated from Pine Wood Nematodes in Korea
Sang-Tae Seo* and Yil-Seong Moon
Division of Forest Diseases and Insect Pests, Korea Forest Research Institute, Seoul 130-712, Korea
Received: May 04, 2012   Revised: November 07, 2012   Accepted: November 16, 2012
A survey of bacterial species associated with Korean isolates of pine wood nematode (PWN) was performed. A total of 110 bacterial isolates were obtained from the PWN isolates that were previously isolated from Pinus densiflora and P. koraiensis. Among the bacterial isolates, Cedecea neteri was most frequent (64 isolates) followed by Ewingella americana (21 isolates), Pseudomonas sp. (15 isolates), Flavobacterium sp. (8 isolates) and Rahnella aquatilis (2 isolates). Both E. americana and Pseudomonas sp. which are assumed to be closely associated with PWN were examined for their phytotoxicity to P. thunbergii seedlings. Ethyl acetate extracts of Psuedomonas sp. (Ba2 strain) cultures were found to induce wilting and mortality in the tested seedlings. The three bacterial species, Pseudomonas sp. (Ba2 strain), E. ameircana (Ba4 strain) and C. neteri (Ba10 strain) were examined in vitro for their sensitivity to 21 kinds of antibiotics. All of the strains were highly susceptible to carbenicillin, doxcycline and tetracycline.
Key Words: Bacteria, Bursaphelenchus xylophilus, Pinus

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