Research in Plant Disease 2012;18(3):225-230.
Published online September 30, 2012.
Pectobacterium carotovorum subsp. carotovorum을 침해하는 박테리오파지의 분리
지삼녀 ( Samnyu Jee ) , 스웨타말호트라 ( Shweta Malhotra ) , 노은정 ( Eun Jung Roh ) , 정규석 ( Kyu Suk Jung ) , 이동환 ( Dong Hwan Lee ) , 최재혁 ( Jae Hyuk Choi ) , 윤종철 ( Jong Chul Yoon ) , 허성기 ( Sung Gi Heu )
Isolation of Bacteriophages Which Can Infect Pectobacteirum carotovorum subsp. carotovorum
Samnyu Jee, Shweta Malhotra, Eunjung Roh, Kyusuk Jung, Dongwhan Lee, Jaehyuk Choi, Jongchul Yoon and Sunggi Heu*
Division of Microbial Safety, National Academy of Agricultural Science, Rural Development Administration, Suwon 441-707, Korea
Received: June 18, 2012   Revised: September 06, 2012   Accepted: September 08, 2012
Bacteriophages of Pectobacterium carotovorum subsp. carotovorum which causes soft rot on diverse vegetables had been isolated from 6 major Chinese cabbage cultivation areas in Korea. In order to isolate bacteriophages, total 15 different strains of P. carotovorum subsp. carotovorum isolated from nation-wide of Korea had been used as a host. When we tested 30 different soil samples individually from Pyeongchang and Taebaek with 15 different strains as a host, Taebek soil samples showed bacteriophage plaques with almost all different indicator strains but Pyeongchang soil samples showed plaques only with P. carotovorum subsp. carotovorum Pcc2 and Pcc3 strains. Especially, P. carotovorum subsp. carotovorum Pcc3 strain was able to produce plaques with almost all soil samples. Thus, this strain can be used as an indicator strain for P. carotovorum subsp. carotovorum bacteriophage screening. Electron microscope observation revealed P. carotovorum subsp. carotovorum bacteriophages isolated in Korea were belonged to three different families, Myoviridae, Siphoviridae and Podoviridae in order Caudovirales.
Key Words: Bacteriophage, Myoviridae, Pectobacterium carotovorum subsp. carotovorum, Podoviridae, Siphoviridae

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