Research in Plant Disease 2011;17(2):228-231.
Published online August 30, 2011.
Entomosporium mespili에 의한 비파나무 점무늬병 발생
서상태, 박미정, 신현동, 김경희
Occurrence of Leaf Spot on Eriobotrya japonica Caused by Entomosporium mespili in Korea
Sang Tae Seo, Mi Jeong Park, Hyeon Dong Shin, Kyung Hee Kim
Since 2008, a new leaf spot disease has been found in loquat tree (Eriobotrya japonica) at a nursery station in Goheung, Korea. Above 50% of the seedlings developed the spot symptoms on the leaves. The infected plants were generally reduced in the seedling vigour and early defoliation was occurred. The infected leaves developed grayish lesion with dark reddish brown margin. The pathogen developed round to ellipsoidal acervuli on the lesion. Based on morphological characteristics of the pathogen, the fungus was identified as Entomosporium mespili. The cultured pathogen successfully reproduced the same disease symptom on the leaves of loquat tree and found to be E. mespili. A monoconidial culture was deposited in Korean Agricultural Culture Collection (KACC 44727). This is the first report of E. mespili causing leaf spot of loquat tree in Korea.
Key Words: Diplocarpon mespili, Loquat, Pathogenicity

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