Research in Plant Disease 2010;16(1):59-65.
Published online April 30, 2010.
고랭지 배추재배를 위한 뿌리혹병 저항성 품종선발
윤철수, 정은경, 이상준, 장연, 이재은, 김병섭
Screening of Resistant Chinese Cabbage Cultivar against Clubroot (Plasmodiophora brassicae) for Cultivation in Highland
Cheol Soo Yoon, Eun Kyoung Jung, Sang Jun Lee, Yan Zhang, Jae Eun Lee, Byung Sup Kim
This study was conducted to select the cultivars and strains which are suitable in cultivation of the Chinese cabbage having good horticultural characteristics and the resistance to clubroot caused by Plasmodiophora brassicae, which is a widespread disease that causes serious problems in many Brassica growing areas. Thirty four cultivars and nineteen strains of the Chinese cabbage were planted in the contaminated fields in highland and investigated the wilting symptom due to the initial disease occurrence and high temperature. Disease occurrence rate and severity of clubroot and the horticultural characteristics were also examined. According to the results, Bulamplus, Kangryeokyeoleumbaechu among cultivars of Chinese cabbage, SP-05, SP-02, CR DB 50, and CR DB 29 among strains of Chinese cabbage were resistant to hot weather by showing delayed above-ground symptom (wilting) of clubroot in 30 days after transplanting. In case of below-ground clubroot rate, Daetong, super CR Kimi 85 and super CR Hiroki among the cultivars of Chinese cabbage were resistant to clubroot in 60 days after transplanting. When fresh weight of Chinese cabbage among cultivars were compared, super CR Hiroki of over 2,500 g was the highest among other cultivars. Although the resistant and susceptible reactions of Chinese cabbage cultivars and strains against clubroot disease were somewhat different from the above-ground symptoms (wilting) of clubroot in 30 days and below-ground symptoms of clubroot in 60 days, we recommend that super CR Hiroki, CR Kimi 85, CR Janggun among cultivars of Chinese cabbage and CR DB 50 and CR DB 29 among strains of Chinese cabbage will be more suitable in cultivation of Chinese cabbage in highland.
Key Words: Chinese cabbage, Clubroot (Plasmodiophora brassicae), Screening

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