Research in Plant Disease 2008;14(3):171-175.
Published online December 30, 2008.
벼 흰잎마름병 저항성 차이에 따른 병 발생정도와 수량 및 미질의 비교
노태환, 김기영, 이두구, 심형권, 강미형, 박종철
Disease Incidence, Yield and Quality Comparisons among Rice Varieties with Different Resistance to Bacterial Leaf Blight
Tae Hwan Noh, Ki Young Kim, Du Ku Lee, Hyeong Kwon Shim, Mi Hyung Kang, Jong Chul Park
The influence of rice bacterial leaf blight (BLB) disease incidence on yield and quality of Nampyung, Gangbaek and Iksan493 was investigated in three areas, Gimje, Yeongam and Jangheung, frequently found BLB infested rice. The infection rate of Nampyung, susceptible to BLB disease, was higher (23~93%) than Gangbaek (2~15%) and Iksan493 (2~6%), have resistant gene Xa7 and xa5, respectively. BLB disease incidence was severely found in Gimj and then yield of Nampyung was reduced 65% (352 kg/10a) compared to Iksan493 (540 kg/10a) due to the decrease in the ripen grain filling, brown/rough ratio and 1,000 grain weight. There was no difference of rice yield among Nampyung, Gangbaek and Iksan493 in Yeongam and Jangheung. The occurrence time of disease in Yeongam and Jangheung was later than Gimje and BLB disease was less infected in these areas. BLB infected rice grain showed inferior grain appearance and taste index to sound grain. independent of rice with resistant gene. In Yeongam and Jangheung, Gangbaek and Iksan493 cultivated showed lower ratio of white color to belly than Nampyung. Iksan493 showed better grain appearance and lower ratio of white core to belly than Gangbaek. In protein content of rice grain, the range of Gangbaek and Iksan493 was 6.9~9.8%, but Nampyung showed unstable ranged from undetermined to 9.0%.
Key Words: Quality, Resistant gene, Rice bacterial Leaf blight, Yield

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